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Why employers should offer sexual harassment prevention training

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Employment Law |

A sexual harassment allegation has the potential to derail your Alaska business, costing it time and money it may not have to spare. However, there are certain steps you might take as an Alaska business owner to lower the chances of anyone who works for you engaging in this type of behavior.

According to the Safe Institute, giving your workers formal sexual harassment prevention training goes a long way in terms of helping your business avoid trouble. You may find that offering this type of training leads to the following benefits.

Lower chances of litigation

Arguably the biggest reason to offer sexual harassment prevention training is to cut down the chances of someone who works for you filing a sexual harassment-related lawsuit. In the time since the #MeToo movement, American workers have become increasingly aware of their rights in the workplace, and many have also become more likely to exercise them.

A happier and more satisfied workforce

Sexual harassment has trickledown effects and may impact a worker’s productivity and efficiency. Bu offering this type of training, you show your team you value their emotional and mental health and have plans in place to help protect them.

Lower employer turnover

Many victims of workplace sexual harassment never report the treatment. Instead, they pack up and leave. Yet, employee turnover costs you by forcing you to find and train new hires at your own expense.

Offering sexual harassment prevention training in your Alaska place of business offers evidence of the fact that you care about maintaining a respectful work environment where your workers feel comfortable, secure and at ease.