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Diligent Representation For Insurance Claim Disputes

Insurance defense counsel must understand the business concerns at hand when representing an insurance provider. Clapp, Peterson, Tiemessen, Thorsness LLC does and, as a result, resolves legal disputes in Alaska for some of the nation’s largest insurance providers.

Protecting The Rights Of Insurance Providers

Our firm enjoys a well-established reputation for excellence in resolving high-stakes legal disputes in Alaska for some of the most significant corporations across the country. For that reason, insurance adjusters, in-house counsel and their corporations entrust their matters to our care. They appreciate that we incorporate their business concerns into the solutions we provide for them.

We advise insurance clients in the full range of insurance defense issues, including:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Excess carrier matters
  • Disputed claims

Our attorneys’ successful trial practice blends seamlessly with our practices in litigation, mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Opponents understand our clients’ positions over the course of a legal dispute are not mere posturing.

To best ensure that our clients always deal from a position of strength, we begin preparing a case from the very beginning. We do not take the all-too-common approach of waiting until settlement negotiations break down to begin preparing for trial.

This preparation-intensive approach enables us to end some legal disputes long before trial and even before litigation begins. Insurance providers on tight profit margins reap the economic benefits of these effective and efficient practices.

Insurance Defense Lawyers Who Will Work For You

Call our firm to discuss how our attorneys can help you: 907-885-0571 in Anchorage or 907-885-3467 in Fairbanks. You can also reach our firm online to schedule your initial consultation. All communications remain confidential.