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Effective Options For Complex Business Issues

Clients throughout the United States increasingly seek counsel that understands how to deliver legal services responsive to a business’ larger concerns. At Clapp, Peterson, Tiemessen, Thorsness LLC, we excel at resolving high-profile legal disputes through litigation and trial, as well as through mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

Experienced Legal Judgment In High-Profile Legal Disputes

As a result, opposing counsel takes our clients seriously. Our opponents understand that the positions we take during discussions are not for mere show, nor are they subtle efforts to avoid trial.

Instead, our reputation for excellence in trial and litigation enables us to provide our clients with resolutions to their legal disputes before trial and, many times, before litigation even begins. Our commercial litigation clients appreciate that we incorporate appropriate business concerns in their disputes, including those disputes involving, among other things:

Our ability to deliver top-end legal services within business-responsive parameters has led a number of in-house counsel and insurance adjusters to seek our firm’s guidance when their corporations face a legal dispute in Alaska. They confidently entrust their legal matters to our care because they know we hold the sophisticated legal judgment their businesses need. Our candid and well-considered assistance helps clients understand all their legal options and how to choose intelligently from those options when resolving disputes.

Established Alaska Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Call our firm to discuss how our attorneys can help you: 907-885-0571 in Anchorage or 907-885-3467 in Fairbanks. You can also reach our firm online to schedule your initial consultation. All communications remain confidential.