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Does malpractice mean the end of your career?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Professional Malpractice |

Professional malpractice can disrupt your career indefinitely. Allowing things to happen and giving up hope can set the foundation for disaster.

However, a more hopeful approach can enable you to take back control before you lose it forever. Beginning with repairing your reputation may give you opportunities to rebuild your credibility.

Timely response

Your response to a reputation crisis can make a considerable difference in your fate as a professional. Ignoring the news and hoping that you make it past allegations unfazed is not realistic and can have detrimental effects on your credibility. Contrarily, thoughtfully determining an appropriate response and then issuing a timely statement may reduce the impact of your choices on the future of your career.

A proactive response to allegations of malpractice can show the public that you care. Addressing rumors carefully can show your interest in finding a solution and your desire to maintain the public’s trust. Even if your reputation slides, these actions may effectively slow this process to allow you to maintain some control over your career.

Because any comments you make regarding the allegations can be used against you in litigation or licensing actions, an attorney should be involved as soon as you have notice of the first allegation and work with you in carefully wording any response or statement. Many professional malpractice insurance policies will cover consultations with attorneys in responding to a patient’s complaint or allegation of malpractice, even before a formal suit is filed.

Thoughtful strategy

Choosing how to respond requires careful thought. According to Entrepreneur, what information you choose to share on social media can either improve or worsen your situation. One way to feel confident about your response is to work with an attorney. Legal professionals are well-versed in phrasing content in a manner that reduces incrimination.

Collaborating with your attorney can help you determine the best solution and response. With this guidance, you can hopefully maintain your career despite the uncertainty. Losing as little of your success as possible may give you the foundation you need to rebuild once you address allegations of malpractice.