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Using an employee handbook to your benefit

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Employment Law |

An employee handbook can provide clarity and guidance to your employees. You can also use it as a measure of protection against lawsuits from employees who claim they were not properly informed.

Knowing the value of an employee handbook can give you an incentive to maintain yours and keep it updated.

Disclose your expectations

As the employer, you have the right to define how you expect completed work to look, the process for completing work and the conduct you expect of your employees. You can use the employee handbook to describe your expectations in detail. You can also provide an explanation of the safety protocols you uphold and what your employees need to do to maintain industry standards.

On the flip side, you can use the employee handbook as a place to disclose what your employees can expect from you. In this section, you can discuss compensation, benefits and employment terms and conditions. You should also include a clause that talks about your company’s compliance with EEOC guidelines.

Outline disciplinary measures

One of the most uncomfortable parts of dealing with employees is when you need to take disciplinary measures. According to The HR Digest, if your company faces an employee lawsuit, many courts will require proof that you did disclose specific information. Your employee handbook is an excellent place to outline the disciplinary measures you plan to take if your employees repeatedly violate company policies and protocols.

You will want to periodically update your handbook to reflect policy changes and other developments in your organization. A current handbook can provide your company with the highest level of protection against lawsuits that allege you failed to disclose crucial information to your employees.