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What exactly is professional malpractice and why does it matter?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Professional Malpractice |

Across Alaska, individuals do their best when they are at their jobs and performing their work-related duties. When a worker is a professional, such as a medical care provider or other individual who has had to obtain a special license in order to provide services, the quality of the work they offer may impact their ability to remain in their profession. Professional licensing can be impacted when individuals are accused of professional malpractice.

This post will look at professional malpractice and just which professionals may be subject to sanctions in the state of Alaska. Readers are reminded that this post is informational only and should not be read as legal advice. Whenever accusations of professional malpractice arise, individuals are encouraged to speak with attorneys who offer representation services in this area of the law.

What is professional malpractice?

Within a profession, there is an accepted standard of care that individuals must achieve to be considered qualified and competent. When an individual offers services that fall below or outside of that standard of care, their capacity to serve as a professional may be questioned. This can result in formal allegations of professional malpractice against professionals.

The state of Alaska, like other states throughout the nation, has special governmental entities that regulate and review cases regarding professional malpractice. When a claim of malpractice is lodged against an individual, they may be pulled into formal proceedings regarding their qualifications and the permissibility of their participation in their professional field.

Who is considered a professional in Alaska?

Individuals who require licensure to do their work may be considered professionals. Many of the workers who fall into the professional category include those in the medical field, including doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and others. Other industries are impacted by licensure and professionalism as well, including some in the beauty industry, gaming, and other fields of work.

Accusations of professional malpractice can be met with strong defense strategies. When facing the potential loss of one’s license and opportunities to work within their chosen field, an individual can choose to seek the help of legal professionals who understand and support plants facing professional malpractice claims.