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Your nursing license is threatened, please protect yourself

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Licensure Defense |

As a registered nurse, your investment in your career has carried you, your family and your colleagues to heights you could not have imagined. And your devotion to patients exemplifies your dedication toward helping others overcome their health challenges.

However, suddenly, you find yourself at a crossroads due to allegations of misconduct. You face an investigation before the nursing board. You are uncomfortable, scared and wondering how you will overcome this situation. It is time to focus and protect what is so important to you.

Serious allegations, serious consequences

Protecting your license means protecting your livelihood. So much is at stake if you face sanctions and disciplinary measures that may include practice-related restrictions, suspension and the outright revocation of your license. Your goal is to avoid such severe punishment and minimize any penalties that you face.

The allegations confronting you are serious enough and may have origins stemming from:

  • Substance abuse
  • Criminal behavior
  • Job-related mistakes
  • Unlawful behavior

In these situations, it is best not to go it alone when facing and addressing the nursing board. This is the time that you need legal guidance in a number of matters such as writing statements, knowing what to discuss during investigative interviews and dealing with records-related requests.

For years, you fought for the lives of your patients, caring for them, making sure they were comfortable if the prognosis was not good and ensuring their families that they were treated as human beings. However, now, you are fighting for your professional life as well as your reputation. The potential consequences could follow you for years. You want to recover from this, and with the proper guidance, you will.