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Safeguarding your hard-earned professional license against challenge

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Licensure Defense |

Alaska business principals spanning many industries undoubtedly have varied thoughts when they think back on the long educational and training odysseys that ultimately led to their securing of a professional license.

This might rank foremost: They earned it.

Garnering a professional license in a closely regulated Alaskan occupational sphere is hardly a trivial attainment. Rather, it is more commonly the case that being officially recognized for competence and full adherence to all mandated licensing requirements is the culmination of long and hard effort.

Hanging that shingle often comes only after years of arduous schooling and tests. Licensing exams are common. The costs expended en route to licensure can be formidably high.

A license under challenge: when livelihood is threatened

The professional licensing realm across Alaska is broad and diverse. Close regulatory scrutiny attaches to these and additional industries:

  • Health care (doctors, nurses, dentists and more)
  • Real estate (e.g., brokers and agents)
  • Construction (engineering, architecture and additional realms)
  • Accounting
  • Law

Professionals in any of those and other spheres can face sudden and unexpected challenges of many types. Clients often lodge complaints alleging malfeasance of some type. Fee disputes are common, as are accusations of negligence/malpractice, conflict of interest, ethics violations and more.

Securing proven legal help in a professional liability matter

How exactly can an experienced legal team help an individual client or professional liability insurer respond effectively to a license challenge?

Established Alaskan attorneys with proven acumen in licensing matters can work aggressively across many fronts to obtain optimal results.

Proactive representation includes close investigation of all material facts and representation before professional responsibility boards. Importantly, too, retaining a legal team with a statewide presence that is widely known for its ability and resolve in litigated matters at trial can prove beneficial in a licensing challenge.

Clapp, Peterson, Tiemessen & Thorsness welcomes contacts to the firm at either of our two Alaska offices and the opportunity to provide professionals with a high level of advocacy in license-defense matters.