Political Practice

group photoClapp Peterson's commitment to thorough and complete work includes its attorneys' efforts on behalf of a number of politically-involved clients throughout Alaska and from across the country. Our firm's political practice has involved in representing political parties as well as their candidates.

Our lawyers continue to be involved in the highest levels of our nation's political scene. We serve as advisors to parties regarding their political practices. We have also served as advisors for the governor, the office of the governor and for a recent candidate for Vice-President of the United States.

Active And Experienced Political Consultancy Practice

Our firm's consultants hold a command of political practices at the national and the local levels. Here in Alaska, we have advised the Office of the Governor as well as a sitting governor.

In fact, our political guidance is sought concerning:

  • Candidates for elective office
  • Election ethics
  • APAC matters
  • Administrative agency proceedings
  • Executive ethics
  • PAC representation
  • Electoral challenges
  • Recall petitions
  • And more

As a result of our experience, we can advise clients in even the most time-sensitive political matters. We understand, for instance, the development of media strategies during the course of a day's news cycle from coast-to-coast.

Diligent Follow-Through In Communicating And Implementing Political Strategy

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