Employment Law Attorneys

Clapp Peterson provides clients from across the country with the employment law guidance they need concerning Alaska-based legal disputes. We enable clients to protect their rights by offering a comprehensive menu of legal approaches, including trial, litigation, arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Our successes at trial mean opposing parties take our clients seriously during other legal processes such as arbitration and mediation. As a result, we can often prevent disputes from escalating unnecessarily into more expensive litigation, sometimes even before the litigation ever begins.

Fully-Staffed Offices In Anchorage And In Fairbanks

We address a wide variety of matters for our clients, including those disputes involving:

  • Municipalities
  • Termination
  • Union arbitrations
  • Work computer issues
  • Employee discrimination
  • Employment contracts
  • And more

In advising our clients, we draw on decades of significant trial experience. This trial experience means we can advise our clients frankly as to when trial best protects their interests and when it does not. It also means our opposition takes us seriously during negotiations: Not only do we not fear the courtroom, but we have dedicated ourselves to thriving in it. We do so in a manner as effective as it is economically sensible for our clients.

We are the only firm in the state to maintain fully-staffed offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks. We do this to deliver legal services to our clients, employers and employees alike, throughout the state.

Alaska's Employment Law Attorneys

Call our firm to discuss how our attorneys can help you: 907-272-9272 in Anchorage or 907-479-7776 in Fairbanks. You can also reach our firm online to schedule your initial consultation. All communications remain confidential.